What’s In My Carry On

July 30, 2015

Traveling is no simple task. Getting everything to fit into one bag, making sure your liquids don’t exceed 3 ounces, leaving your precious bottle of water behind in order to get through security. Lots of planning and effort goes into such a fun and exciting activity. When I was younger, I owned this clear backpack which I thought was the coolest thing on the planet. I packed everything I owned into that tiny backpack: a walkman and all the CDs I wanted to listen to, about five copies of “Tiger Beat” magazine, some Lip Smackers lipgloss, and a bandana because who doesn’t need a bandana while traveling?

Fast forward about 10 years and most of those items have remained the same, just more compact and a little more appropriate for a 20-something. Here’s a list of what ends up in my bag! Quick tip: I’ve upgraded and now like to throw most of my items in a huge carry-all like this one!

1. A good read. You have lots of downtime while traveling, so why not spend some of that time catching up on a good book?

2. A magazine. Just like a book, pick up the most recent copy of your favorite magazine and escape the world for a bit. Maybe you’ll stumble across something cool to do on your vacation!

3. iPhone. I love my iPhone. It’s in my hand 24/7, so traveling is no different. I use it for strictly music purposes while traveling, which aids in my falling asleep on the plane. Make a good playlist and drift off!

4. Headphones. iPhone + music = I kind of need headphones.

5. A hat. Traveling is all fun and games, but waking up with your hair sticking out in every direction is not fun. I always carry a hat in my bag to throw on my head when I get to where I’m going. I take no chances when it comes to my hair.

6. Mini-makeup bag. I don’t pack all of my cosmetics in my carryon, but I do pack a few things to freshen up with when my flight is over. I usually throw some compact powder (with a built-in mirror), hand lotion, chapstick, lipstick, a roll-on perfume, and a pack of gum (not pictured). They’re a bunch of small, quick fixes to any makeup malfunctions on a flight!

7. A mini-bag. I usually put all of my chargers in this pouch. Phone, computer, camera charger, all of them.  I also carry a wireless charger to charge my phone while on the plane! I use a Power Card by Triple C!  Just make sure you bring your own USB plug to use with it!

8. A notebook. I usually do a lot of thinking while on a plane since there’s so much downtime. Every now and again I come up with really cool blog post ideas, or ideas for other creative projects. I like to jot these ideas down in my favorite Poppin monogramed notebook, that way I can keep all of my ideas in one place! Don’t forget a pen!

9. Glasses. Sunglasses and regular glasses. I can’t travel anywhere without both of those things. Mostly because without either of of those I can’t see anything, so it’s important that they end up in my carryon, that way I can grab them whenever I need to!

10. Travel wallet. I like to downsize my wallet when traveling. It makes it easier for me to stay organized and not shove every receipt I collect into one wallet. I use my Rebecca Minkoff monogramed pouch, you can shop a similar style here! 

11. Passport Holder. I got this snazzy little one when I traveled to London last year. I actually don’t use it to hold my passport, but usually put my plane ticket in it so I have it tucked away somewhere safe so I can grab it whenever I need to!

12. Oversized scarf. Planes generally tend to get really drafty, and even though they give you blankets when the flight is super long, I always like to bring an extra layer with me just in case. It’s super cozy and generally smells like perfume, which makes all the difference in my book! Pick up a cozy one similar to the one pictured here. 


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