Aloha, Maui

August 13, 2015

We all watched Lilo & Stitch as kids. Remember, “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” If you were anything like me, you watched the movie (and the series to follow it), and dreamed of hopping on the first flight to Hawaii. Well kids, that’s where I was last week. I jumped on a flight out of New York, had a layover in Dallas, and landed in Maui a total of 13 hours later. 

This was my first time ever in Maui, and I couldn’t have loved the island more. Since day one, I’ve always been a lover of islands and the beach. Sandy toes, sunkissed skin, and crystal blue waters. Maui was one of the prettiest islands I’ve been to in a while. I saw more rainbows during the week I spent in Maui than I have in the past 10 years.

What I noticed about Maui that was so different from other islands I’ve been to was that I saw many more beach towns. Think of what you would imagine the quintessential beach town to look like, and that is what you’ll see all over Maui. Walking on one side of the street you see store fronts and food vendors all along South Kihei street, and once you cross over to the other side of the road you’re greeted by surfers, paddle boarders, and the pacific ocean. South Kihei street was one of my favorite places to visit while in Maui because it captured what I believed was the perfect beach town. Make sure to swing by the Paia Fish Market and order some fish tacos!

Along with laid-back vibe of South Kihei street, another personal favorite of mine was the Lahaina waterfront. Lahaina is a good drive away from South Kihei, but totally worth it. The town is set up along the waterfront, with boats docked in the water, ready to take visitors on trips along the Pacific.

Storefronts are lined up a short walk away from the waterfront. You can grab souvenirs, jewelry, and some amazing shaved ice while there. The colorful  and open air aspect of the storefronts make the walk around Lahaina that much more worth it. So if you’re ever in Maui, make sure you take a trip over to South Kihei and Lahaina. Make sure to wear your bathing suit, and swing by Banyan Treats and grab some shaved ice. Get the passion fruit and guava flavors, it’ll be delicious.

That’s about it for now, but more Maui adventures will pop up soon on the blog! Be on the look out for them, and keep dreaming about your perfect island vacation!
















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