Adventure is around every corner

August 9, 2016

I think that there is nothing more important than trying new things.

Whether you’re trying a new activity, new food or traveling somewhere new, I find that there is something immensely important to being open to new experiences. In the past year, I’ve hopped on a surf board, climbed my way up a rock wall sans harness and most recently flipped my way through the air in a trapeze lesson.

With a long-standing fear of heights and not being too keen on being far from the ground, jumping off a ledge was no small feat. Granted, I was harnessed in and not flailing my way into an empty abyss, I was still incredibly terrified. Surfing and rock climbing, as fearful as I was initially trying both activities, seemed like a walk in the park. Trapeze class, however, left me weak in the knees and as still as a rock while standing on the ledge. So immobile that when it was actually time for me to jump, I was stuck. They shouted, “Hep!” and I proceeded  to stand completely still.


Eventually, I had to move. I couldn’t stand on that ledge forever (there was a line forming and I was the sole reason it wasn’t moving). So I literally and figuratively took the plunge, and  guess what? It was exhilarating! Trapeze was the most adrenaline rush filled activity I’ve done to date! And eventually, I got over my fear of being so high off the ground. That’s right, by the third time I climbed up to the ledge, I was flying like a pro (well not really, but as much of a pro as one could be upon their first lesson).


Now, I’d go back to trapeze class about five more times, just to have a grand time again. Three new activities in just a few months. Do I wish I had done more? Yes, but am I excited to add some new adventures to the activity queue? Of course!  With just a few more weeks of summer in my back pocket, I’ve got a list of things to check off before I head back to school.

So again, I stress, don’t be afraid to try something new. As many butterflies you have in your stomach, or as fearful as you might be, give it a shot. You’ll never know what you’ll discover about yourself and the world around you if you don’t try – adventures is hiding around every corner!

P.S. – Excuse the dark image quality – was a particularly cloudy day to trapeze!

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