A Four Month Farewell To London

August 7, 2016

My first day back in America since January was on May 1, 2016. It’s taken me four months to bring myself to sit down and formally write my love letter to London. A four month long farewell in the making.

Farewell, London. It won’t be long until I find myself lost in your historic streets once again, but until then, farewell. Thank you for what I would label the best five months of my life. New adventures, new experiences, and a journey of self-discovery all packed into a short few months.


It’s taken me four months to write my farewell letter to you, London, because I’ve spent my summer reminiscing on the memories I’ve made there. However, like all great love stories, this one had to reach it’s end. But my romance with London is not over for good. I know I’ll be back sooner than I can imagine, with a new knowledge of the city. Upon my return to you, London, I will no longer feel like a tourist, but like a local who can find her way around the city with her eyes closed. A trip to Churchill Arms, a stroll around Kensington Gardens and a quick snack at my favorite quesadilla stall in Camden Market – a London through my local eyes.



So until we meet again, I bid a brief farewell to London. Thank you for a wonderful five months and countless amazing memories.



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