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Life Limbo

June 12, 2017

Before I begin, it’s been quite some time since I’ve last visited my blog. Almost a year in fact. And a lot has changed since then. Where do I begin, is the real question I should be asking both you, my readers, and myself.

I’ll give you the highlights reel. Since the last time we spoke, I’ve started and ended y senior year of college, led an amazing team of female writers, had one of the most rewarding and fulfilling internships, got accepted into graduate school and officially became a college graduate. In between those highlights there have also been some exciting and not-so exciting but I’ll get to those another time.

I’m writing now to talk about where I and where I’m sure many of my fellow 2017 graduates are existing in – life limbo. What is life limbo, you ask. Well, my dear readers, life limbo is when you’re not quite sure what your next step, move, adventure, or experience will be. You’re coasting by, one day at a time, waiting to see what will come your way. Hence, life limbo – a transitionary period between major life events and experiences.

My life limbo has currently manifested itself this summer, between college and graduate school. I’ve gone from running around D.C. every day and spending time with some of my closest friends to moving back home to New Jersey. Let me be clear – I love where I live, it was quite possibly one of the best places to grow up in. But it’s certainly not the place to be if you’re anxiously awaiting what’s next. It’s tough to be 22 and at home, and I’m sure many of you would agree.

So far, being in life limbo has taught me that there’s no better time than now to start planning my next move, whether it be tomorrow, three weeks from now, or a three months from now. Just start planning. Plan a trip, plan a shopping list, plan out what you’ll wear tomorrow – have an idea of what’s coming next. Or that’s the advice I give myself at least, I plan to have things to look forward to, thus combating this awkward life period I’m stumbling around in. But don’t take my advice – what works for me most certainly does not work for everyone else out there. But I do encourage you to find out what that is.

Of course, it’s important to enjoy what little scrap of a summer (and pro-longed adolescence) I have left before officially venturing into the working world this time next year. And I encourage all of my fellow life-limbo-ers to to do the same. It’s like that summer between high school and college, where you want to enjoy every minute of it. To have that summer linger on for as long as possible. Being fresh out of college is precisely the same, regardless if you’re hunting for jobs or anxiously waiting to go to grad school. It’s another final summer. And that’s exactly where I’m at.

This won’t be the last summer of my ife by any means; but, it may be the last summer I’ll have to spend days lazily lying around outside without responsibilities. For many of us (or so I’d like to think) it’s that last shred of adolescence we all secretly cling on to because sometimes it’s tough to face the fact that this is it. Adulthood is no longer around the corner. It’s here and is waiting to be greeted at the front door.

I have no advice for you, I barely have advice for myself at the moment. But I encourage you to take full advantage of whatever experience you’re having right now. Enjoy it and enjoy your summer as fully and completely as possible.

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