I have a confession.

November 20, 2014

I have a confession. Guys, I’m a goat. Well, not actually. I’m not a goat (I can assure you that I’m a perfectly healthy 19-year-old girl). I like to think, however, that goats are my spirit animal.

What the hell is this chick saying, you may ask. A spirit animal, according Urban Dictionary, is an animal that possesses qualities that you see represented in yourself. Basically, spirit animals are animals that we think best represent ourselves.

So now you’re probably wondering why a goat. Well, there is a special type of goat called the “myotonic goat,” or the fainting goat. This goat has a very specific muscular reaction when it senses panic. It’s muscles freeze, causing the goat to fall over and “freeze” for roughly 10 seconds until regaining muscular motion.

My spirit animal is a fainting goat. I’m an overall very anxious person, and can make a mountain out of a mole hill in any situation. It can get so bad to the point that I will literally interpret something as a personal problem between me and another individual (i.e a group issue, like everyone not doing something rather than just one person). I’ll even go as far as to assume that if I’ve spoken to someone once and never speak to them again, that it’s an issue that said person has with me, and that’s the reason why we’re no longer speaking.


I am, in the spirit world, a fainting goat because like said goat, I tend to freeze up when I feel panicky or overly anxious. I don’t literally fall over (although that may start happening soon and it would be hilarious), but I do freeze up. I freeze up and mull over the same issue, idea, or event for days on end. I don’t hold grudges, but I can let things bother me for at least a day until I’m finally relieved of my anxiety. So, like a fainting goat, I fall over (metaphorically) and stay still for a little while before I can start moving again.

That is why the fainting goat is my spirit animal. Feel panic, freeze, fall over, wait 10 seconds, then get back up on my feet. We’re basically one-in-the-same. If you’ve never seen a fainting goat, I leave you with a video, one that will probably have you in tears from laughing so hard.

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