Summer Plans

May 8, 2015

Hi friends! After a long and stressful two weeks of finals, I’m finally done! Now that I’m done, I’ll be back blogging full-time! *cheers out of excitement*

My favorite part about summer break is the endless possibilities of things to do. You can travel, go on new adventures, try new things, and just have a flat out great time.

Over the moon isn’t even the right expression to describe my excitement about my summer plans right now. There’s a lot of time to be filled in between the bigger plans, but overall this summer is going to involve me spending a lot of time on a plane. With three major trips, a 20th birthday celebration, and a summer job, I’ll certainly be kept busy all summer long, and have no complaints about it!

This summer I’ll be traveling to Madrid, the Bahamas, and Hawaii, three places that I’ve never to been before. I’ve been traveling to a lot of the same places in the past few years so it’s exciting to go somewhere new and discover everything that new place has to offer! I can’t wait  for the plane to land so I can start exploring. I’ll obviously be snapping pictures left and right so I can share them with you here, my travel posts are scarce these days and I want to bulk them up a bit.

My excitement doesn’t end there though, since I’m also excited to be home for a few months and won’t have to worry about school work and other school related responsibilities. I’ll be catching up on my reading, writing a lot more, and (finally) reorganizing my room.

Summer is a time for discovering and relaxing, and what better way to do it than to travel to some new places and to take some time off for yourself? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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