Madrid: Taking It All In

July 2, 2015

Like all good things, this adventure must come to an end. I decided to wrap up what I would call my “Madrid Diaries” with some good old fashioned art. 

Art is not only seen in paintings. It’s seen in sculpture, buildings, and in all aspects of every day life. In my opinion, I found that the art scene in Madrid was by far one of the most amazing yet. I saw art in museums, botanical gardens, the streets, and buildings. It was such an amazing experience to take it all in. As you can probably already tell, I really loved Spain!

I got the chance the venture into the Prado and Reina Sofía museums while there to see some truly amazing and historic art work. I spent hours in both museums, roaming around and taking everything in. I was most excited about seeing Pablo Picasso’s works. I particularly love modern art, and made it a point to head over to Reina Sofía to see his famous “Guernica” and other works of modern art (Dalí, Braque, the whole gang). I figured that there was no way that I could go to Spain and not see “Guernica.” I told myself, “if I do anything on this trip, I will see the painting!” I remember learning about it in my art history class, and finding the style and technique he used to convey such emotion to be fascinating. In person, the work itself is absolutely massive. It was so powerful and moving to see.

It’s located in a gigantic room, that is filled to capacity with people viewing the work. No photographs are allowed to be taken on that floor, so I didn’t get to snap a shot. I did, however, walk away with one of the most moving and interesting experiences I’ve ever had with art.

After I got my Picasso fix, I continued roaming the halls of the museum. I had the most fun at Reina Sofía because I got to meet up with an old friend there! My friend Clara, who I met way back when I was 15, lives in Spain. I messaged her telling her that I was heading across the Atlantic, and we were both beyond excited to meet up! It took us five years to finally see each other and catch up again, and it was great. It’s always a good time to catch up with an old friend because it takes you back down memory lane.

She and I choose to meet at the museum, because what better way to enjoy a museum than with a good friend by your side? It was great to see Clara, and I can’t wait to go back to back to Spain to visit her again!

However, the art of Spain isn’t only seen in its museums. Wandering the many streets of Madrid, I couldn’t help but snap a bunch of photos of the buildings and streets I saw. Instead of seeing a bunch of brownstones or skyscrapers (something I’m used to seeing), I noticed the outsides of gorgeous little apartments. With the most adorable balconies and charming windows, I couldn’t help but imagine myself living in an apartment like those one day. Given, I never saw what the insides of these apartments looked like, but I loved them nonetheless.

The art doesn’t stop there. In the everyday experience of Madrid, there is some sort of art. It’s in the way people lives their lives, in the clear blue skies, in the gorgeous sunsets every evening,  and the jovial yet mysterious nature of the city. So to me, Madrid was an art filled city.

Now that these Madrid diaries have come to an end, I can’t help but start thinking about my next trip there. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner rather than later. I know that Madrid will always be waiting for me, as with the rest Spain. This city, like London, will now hold a very special place in my heart for it’s breathtaking views and amazing lifestyle.  So until next time, Madrid, vivirás en mi corazón.















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    Lovely architecture.

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    I love your photos! And especially this sentence: “In the everyday experience of Madrid, there is some sort of art.”

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